soyoustart ESXI install – non raid.

Installing ESXI on soyoustart dedicated server without raid 1 and allowing the first drive to be used as a Datastore.

Once you have the server installed login to your ESXI server Web Panel and add the second drive as a Datastore ( this is only if you have more than one drive in your server ).

Now connect to your dedicated server using SSH issue the following commands. I am looking to use the unused space on the primary drive that we installed ESXI to. This way we can also use the primary drive as a place to store VMS.

esxcfg-volume -l

Here we can see the primary drive UUID ( red line ) that has ” datastore1 ” as a label however this Datastore is not present in our ESXI web panel under Datastores.

esxcfg-volume -M 602ac90c-a1085da5-2815-ac1f6b10ef9a

lower case ” m ” for temp mounting only – Removed after restart of ESXI host.

Now lets mount this drive so that we can use the free space that is left over form the ESXI install. So add the UUID to the command as noted above in bold text.

Once you see Mounting volume – this means that the Datastore is now mounted and ready for use. You can see this in the ESXI web panel now.

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