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 +==== Auto install scripts that I have made from hand. ====
 +All are tested on Debian 7/8.
 +After downloading one of the following you must make the files executable with the following command. Then run the file withe the second command.
 +**Command= **''​chmod +x NAMEOFFILE.SH''​
 +**Command= **''​./​NAMEOFFILE.SH''​
 +Installing Apache2.
 +   wget https://​sesipod.info/​ssl/​DATA/​scripts/​apache2.sh
 +Installing Apache2 and php5.
 +   wget https://​sesipod.info/​ssl/​DATA/​scripts/​apache2-php5.sh
 +Installing Apache2, php5 and mysql.
 +   wget https://​sesipod.info/​ssl/​DATA/​scripts/​apache2-php5-mysql.sh
 +Removing All Iptable Rules.
 +   wget https://​sesipod.info/​ssl/​DATA/​scripts/​remviptabrules.sh
 +Install Plex Server.
 +   wget https://​sesipod.info/​ssl/​DATA/​scripts/​installplex.sh