Config File Location

Here are the defaults that you need to copy to the rustserver.conf


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Here are the most common changes.

## Server Start Settings |
# More settings available after install in serverfiles/server/rust-server/server.cfg
rconweb="1" # Value is: 1 for Facepunch's web panel; 0 for RCON tools like Rusty or Rustadmin
servername="New Server Name Here"

# Advanced Start Settings
seed="" # default random; range : 1 to 2147483647 ; used to change or reproduce a procedural map
salt="" # default random; range : unknown range ; used to recover a known setting from an existing map
worldsize="3000" # default 3000; range : 1000 to 6000 ; map size in meters
saveinterval="320" # Auto-save in seconds
tickrate="30" # default 30; range : 15 to 100