Tested: 03/02/2017

Install Docker Plane

wget https://sesipod.info/ssl/DATA/scripts/docker/plane/install-docker.sh

chmod +x install-docker.sh


Install Docker with Steamcache

First off lets download the 2 script files we need.


wget https://sesipod.info/ssl/DATA/scripts/docker/install-docker-with-steamcache.sh

wget https://sesipod.info/ssl/DATA/scripts/docker/finish-install-steamcache.sh

Next lets edit the files you will need to change a few things.

  1. Before Continuing Set a Static IP To This Box
  2. Change the NFS server mount ip | in the install-docker-with-steamcache.sh file.
  3. Change the DNS ip address to the current vms static ip in the finish-install-steamcache.sh file.

Now lets run the install-docker-with-steamcache.sh

chmod +x install-docker-with-steamcache.sh

The server will auto reboot all that is needed is to change to root and run the finish-install-steamcache.sh


Part 3

Run the following command: docker ps

IF you see 2 containers show up … steamcache/steamcache-dns and steamcache/steamcache then the setup is done!